Will You Love Me Tomorrow Song By Carole King

About The Song

Title: Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Artist: Carole King (original by The Shirelles)

Release Date: 1971 (Carole King’s version)

Album: Tapestry

Writers: Gerry Goffin, Carole King

Genre: Soft Rock, Pop

Chart Performance:

  • Carole King’s version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” was released as a single in 1971 but did not chart as it was part of the highly successful “Tapestry” album.
  • The song was originally recorded by The Shirelles in 1960 and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Musical Style:

  • Carole King’s rendition of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” features a soft rock and pop style with an emphasis on King’s piano playing and soulful vocals.
  • The arrangement is more stripped-down compared to the original Shirelles version.

Songwriting and Composition:

  • Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, the lyrics of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” explore the uncertainty and vulnerability that can accompany romantic relationships.
  • The song is known for its poignant lyrics and emotional depth, capturing a universal theme of love and longing.
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Cultural Impact:

  • Carole King’s version is considered a poignant interpretation that reflects her own unique musical sensibilities.
  • The Shirelles’ original recording is historically significant as one of the first songs by an all-girl group to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Usage in Media:

  • “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” has been covered by numerous artists and featured in various films, TV shows, and commercials.
  • Its enduring popularity has made it a staple in the realm of pop music.


  • Both The Shirelles’ original version and Carole King’s rendition have left an indelible impact on the history of pop music.
  • Carole King’s version is celebrated for its emotional resonance and her ability to infuse the song with her own musical identity.

In summary, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” is a timeless classic that has been embraced by different generations. Carole King’s rendition, featured on her landmark “Tapestry” album, adds a layer of emotional depth to the song, contributing to its enduring legacy in the realm of soft rock and pop music.

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🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

Tonight you’re mine, completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow? Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment’s pleasure
Can I believe the magic of your sighs
Will you still love me tomorrow? Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I’m the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun? I’d like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now and I won’t ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

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