Da Doo Ron Ron Song By The Crystals

About The Song

“Da Doo Ron Ron” is a classic pop song performed by The Crystals. Here are some details about the song:

Title: Da Doo Ron Ron

Artist: The Crystals

Release Date: 1963

Album: The Crystals Sing The Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Genre: Pop, R&B


  • “Da Doo Ron Ron” was written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector.
  • The Crystals, a girl group produced by Phil Spector, recorded and released the song in 1963.

Musical Style:

  • The song features the signature “wall of sound” production style associated with Phil Spector, characterized by a dense and layered arrangement.
  • “Da Doo Ron Ron” is an upbeat pop and R&B song with catchy melodies and harmonies.

Chart Performance:

  • The song was a commercial success, reaching No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1963.


  • “Da Doo Ron Ron” is regarded as one of The Crystals’ most iconic and enduring hits.
  • It is often cited as a classic example of the Phil Spector sound and the girl group genre.
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Cultural Impact:

  • The song has been covered by various artists over the years, reflecting its lasting popularity.
  • “Da Doo Ron Ron” has been featured in films, TV shows, and commercials, contributing to its cultural impact.

Overall, “Da Doo Ron Ron” by The Crystals is a lively and infectious pop classic that captures the spirit of the early 1960s girl group sound. The song’s catchy refrain and the distinctive production make it a timeless representation of the era’s pop music.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

I met him on a Monday and my heart stood stillDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ronSomebody told me that his name was BillDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron
Yeah, my heart stood stillYes, his name was BillAnd when he walked me homeDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron
I knew what he was doing when he caught my eyeDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ronHe looked so quiet but my oh myDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ronYeah, he caught my eyeYes, oh my, oh myAnd when he walked me homeDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron
He picked me up at seven and he looked so fineDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ronSomeday soon I’m gonna make him mineDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ronYeah, he looked so fine,Yes, I’ll make him mineAnd when he walked me homeDa doo ron-ron-ron, Da doo ron-ron

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