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“Bristol Stomp” is a lively dance song recorded by The Dovells in 1961. It’s known for its infectious beat and energetic rhythm, making it a popular choice for dance floors during the early 1960s. Let’s explore the details of this upbeat track:


  • Artist: “Bristol Stomp” was performed by The Dovells, an American vocal group formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the late 1950s.
  • Release Date: The song was released as a single in 1961 by Parkway Records.
  • Writers: “Bristol Stomp” was written by Kal Mann and Dave Appell, a songwriting duo known for their contributions to the pop and rock music scene.

Musical Style:

  • Genre: The song falls into the pop and rock & roll genres, featuring a driving beat and catchy melody that’s perfect for dancing.
  • Instrumentation: The recording includes elements such as drums, guitar, saxophone, and handclaps, creating a dynamic and rhythmic sound.
  • Vocals: The Dovells deliver spirited and enthusiastic vocals, encouraging listeners to join in the dance.
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  • Theme: “Bristol Stomp” is a celebratory song about a popular dance craze known as the “Bristol Stomp,” named after Bristol, Pennsylvania, where The Dovells originated.
  • Narrative: The lyrics describe the excitement and joy of participating in the Bristol Stomp dance, with verses encouraging listeners to learn the steps and join the fun.
  • Memorable Lines: Iconic lines like “Come on and stomp your feet, everybody, everybody, come on” capture the exuberance and energy of the dance craze.

Cultural Impact:

  • Chart Success: “Bristol Stomp” was a commercial success, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1961 and becoming one of The Dovells’ signature songs.
  • Dance Craze: The song helped popularize the Bristol Stomp dance, which became a sensation in the early 1960s and was performed by teenagers at parties, sock hops, and dance halls across the country.
  • Legacy: “Bristol Stomp” remains a beloved classic of the early rock & roll era, cherished for its infectious beat, catchy melody, and association with the vibrant dance culture of the time.
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“Bristol Stomp” by The Dovells is a spirited and infectious dance song that captures the excitement and energy of the early 1960s. With its catchy melody, driving beat, and exuberant vocals, the song became a sensation, inspiring audiences to hit the dance floor and join in the Bristol Stomp craze. As a quintessential example of the danceable pop-rock tunes of its era, “Bristol Stomp” stands as a timeless reminder of the joy and camaraderie found in music and dance.


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