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Released in 1964, “The Girl’s Alright With Me” by The Temptations became a hit for the Motown group. While not reaching the chart heights of some of their other singles, the song remains a beloved part of their repertoire.

The song originated from a collaborative effort between three songwriting giants of Motown: Eddie Kendricks (a member of The Temptations), Norman Whitfield (a producer), and Eddie Holland (another songwriter). Whitfield would later revisit the song a decade later, producing a version for his own group, The Undisputed Truth.

“The Girl’s Alright With Me” appeared as the B-side to The Temptations’ better-known single “I’ll Be in Trouble.” Despite being a B-side, the song managed to chart on its own, reaching number 102 on the Billboard Pop Charts.

Musical Style

“The Girl’s Alright With Me” showcases the signature sound of The Temptations in the early 1960s. The song features:

  • Smooth Vocals: The Temptations’ signature tight harmonies are on full display, with each member’s voice blending seamlessly to create a rich and soulful sound. Eddie Kendricks, who co-wrote the song, likely takes the lead on many of the verses.
  • Upbeat Tempo: The song is driven by a lively and infectious beat, perfect for dancing or tapping your feet along.
  • Motown Instrumentation: The instrumentation is classic Motown, featuring a crisp and clean backing band with prominent drums, bass, piano, and likely some tambourines or shakers for percussion accents.
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While rooted in these classic Motown elements, “The Girl’s Alright With Me” also hints at the evolving sound of the group. Listen closely, and you might detect:

  • Sophisticated Chord Progressions: The song’s chord changes are more complex than some of The Temptations’ earlier work, showcasing their musical growth.
  • Early Signs of Psychedelic Soul: Some subtle elements, like the use of reverb or a touch of distortion, might hint at the psychedelic soul experimentation The Temptations would explore later in the decade.


The lyrics of “The Girl’s Alright With Me” paint a picture of a young man’s unwavering devotion to his girlfriend. The song is full of sweet affirmations and playful boasts:

  • Dedication: The singer assures his girl that “no matter what they say,” he remains confident and happy in their relationship.
  • Bragging Rights: He playfully throws down a gauntlet to potential rivals, declaring that his girl is “sharp as a tack” and “looks mighty fine.”
  • Lighthearted Humor: The song uses playful similes (“sweeter than candy”) and boasts (“I got the best girl in town”) to express the singer’s affection.
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Cultural Impact

While not their biggest hit, “The Girl’s Alright With Me” has had a lasting impact:

  • Motown Legacy: The song exemplifies the upbeat, soulful sound that defined Motown in the 1960s.
  • Evolution of The Temptations: The song bridges the gap between The Temptations’ doo-wop roots and their later explorations of psychedelic soul.
  • Cover Songs: The song has been covered by a variety of artists, a testament to its enduring appeal.


“The Girl’s Alright With Me” may not be one of The Temptations’ chart-topping hits, but it remains a gem within their vast catalog. The song showcases their signature smooth vocals and infectious energy, while hinting at their evolving musical tastes. With its sweet lyrics and playful boasts, the song offers a timeless expression of love and devotion.



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This little girl of mineI wanna say that she’s so fineAnd each and every dayI make sure she has her wayNow we don’t feel tied downAlthough our hearts are boundI don’t have to chase her all over townMy baby she’s always around
The girl’s alright with meYou know the girl’s alright, yes
The girl’s alright with meYou know the girl’s alright
Now she’s so good to meI guess that’s why I feel fancy freeJust to see the glow in her eyesMakes me once again realizeI love her with all of my heartAnd I know we’ll never never partI never heard about or caught her playin’I guess that’s why you always hear me sayin’
The girl’s alright with meYou know the girl’s alright
The girl’s alright with meYou know the girl’s alright
When I visit at her homeOther fellas never, never ring her phoneShe let’s them know just where they standShe tells them all that I’m her manAnd when we’re out on a dateAll the fellas wait till I walk awayThey try to beat my timeShe tells them in a nice way she’s mine, all mine
The girl’s alright with meYou know the girl’s alright
The girl’s alright with me (everyday)You know the girl’s alright, you know, you know that
The girl’s alright with me me (in every way)

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