Lonesome Town Song By Ricky Nelson

About The Song

“Lonesome Town” is a classic song performed by Ricky Nelson. Here are some details about the song:

Title: Lonesome Town

Artist: Ricky Nelson

Release Date: 1958

Album: Ricky Nelson

Genre: Rock and Roll, Pop


  • “Lonesome Town” was written by Baker Knight.
  • Ricky Nelson recorded and released the song as part of his debut album, “Ricky Nelson,” in 1958.

Musical Style:

  • The song is a melancholic ballad with a country-infused rock and roll and pop sound.
  • Ricky Nelson’s smooth vocals and the understated musical arrangement contribute to the emotional impact of the song.

Chart Performance:

  • “Lonesome Town” became one of Ricky Nelson’s successful hits, reaching No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1958.


  • The song is considered one of Ricky Nelson’s signature tracks and a classic in the rock and roll genre.
  • Ricky Nelson’s contributions to the early rock and roll era have solidified his status as an influential figure.
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Cultural Impact:

  • “Lonesome Town” has been covered by various artists over the years, attesting to its enduring appeal.
  • Ricky Nelson’s music, including “Lonesome Town,” remains celebrated for its role in shaping the sound of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Overall, “Lonesome Town” by Ricky Nelson is a timeless ballad that showcases Nelson’s vocal talent and the emotional depth of his music. The song’s poignant lyrics and evocative melody have contributed to its lasting popularity in the realm of classic rock and roll.



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There’s a place where lovers goTo cry their troubles awayAnd they call it Lonesome TownWhere the broken hearts stay (Lonesome Town)
You can buy a dream or twoTo last you all through the yearsAnd the only price you payIs a heart full of tears (full of tears)
Goin’ down to Lonesome TownWhere the broken hearts stayGoin’ down to Lonesome TownTo cry my troubles away
In the town of broken dreamsThe streets are filled with regretMaybe down in Lonesome TownI can learn to forget (to forget)
Maybe down in Lonesome TownI can learn to forgetLonesome Town

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