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“Ain’t That a Shame” is a classic rhythm and blues song recorded by Fats Domino. Released in 1955, it became one of Domino’s signature songs and a landmark in the development of rock and roll music. Let’s delve into the details of this iconic track:


  • Artist: “Ain’t That a Shame” was performed by Fats Domino, a pioneering figure in rock and roll known for his infectious piano playing and warm vocal style.
  • Release Date: The song was released in 1955 as a single and later included on Fats Domino’s debut album “Rock and Rollin’ with Fats Domino.”
  • Composer: “Ain’t That a Shame” was written by Fats Domino and his collaborator Dave Bartholomew.

Musical Style:

  • Genre: The song falls into the rhythm and blues and rock and roll genres, characterized by its upbeat tempo, driving rhythm, and catchy melody.
  • Instrumentation: “Ain’t That a Shame” features a lively musical arrangement, with Fats Domino’s rollicking piano playing, infectious horn section, and tight rhythm section creating a dynamic and energetic sound.
  • Vocals: Fats Domino’s warm and expressive vocals shine on “Ain’t That a Shame,” conveying a sense of longing and regret that resonates with listeners.
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  • Theme: “Ain’t That a Shame” is a song about heartbreak and disappointment, with the narrator expressing their feelings of sadness and betrayal over a failed relationship.
  • Narrative: The lyrics depict the narrator’s anguish at being let down by their lover, lamenting the pain and humiliation they have endured as a result.
  • Emotion: The song is filled with a sense of resignation and resignation, as the narrator reflects on the unfairness of love and the inevitability of heartache.

Cultural Impact:

  • Chart Success: “Ain’t That a Shame” was a commercial success, reaching the top of the rhythm and blues charts and crossing over to the pop charts as well.
  • Legacy: The song is regarded as one of Fats Domino’s most enduring hits, with its catchy melody and infectious groove making it a favorite among fans of rock and roll music.
  • Influence: “Ain’t That a Shame” has been covered by numerous artists across various genres, further solidifying its status as a classic of the rock and roll canon.
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“Ain’t That a Shame” by Fats Domino is a timeless and infectious rock and roll anthem that continues to captivate audiences with its irresistible groove and heartfelt lyrics. With its catchy melody, energetic instrumentation, and soulful vocals, the song remains a beloved favorite among fans of rock and roll music. As one of Fats Domino’s most iconic recordings, “Ain’t That a Shame” stands as a testament to his enduring talent and influence on the evolution of popular music, ensuring its place in the annals of rock and roll history for generations to come.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics!

You made me cry
when you said, “goodbye”

Ain’t that a shame?
my tears fell like rain.
Ain’t that a shame?
you’re the one to blame.

You broke my heart
when you said we’ll part

Ain’t that a shame?
my tears fell like rain.
Ain’t that a shame?
you’re the one to blame

Oh well, goodbye
although I’ll cry.

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Ain’t that a shame…

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