Silence Is Golden song by The Tremeloes

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“Silence Is Golden” is a song by The Tremeloes. Here are the details:

Title: Silence Is Golden

Artist: The Tremeloes

Genre: Pop, Rock

Release Date: March 1967

Album: Chip, Dave, Alan, Rick (1967)

Songwriters: Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio

Key Themes: “Silence Is Golden” is a song that explores the theme of the value of silence and the consequences of revealing certain truths. The lyrics suggest that sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and not speak about certain things, especially in matters of love and relationships. The phrase “silence is golden” reflects the idea that silence can be a wise and valuable choice in certain situations.

Musical Style: The song features a melodic and orchestrated pop sound, characteristic of the mid-1960s. The Tremeloes’ version has a more polished and pop-oriented arrangement compared to the original Four Seasons version. The harmonies and arrangement contribute to the song’s catchy and memorable quality.

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Cultural Impact: “Silence Is Golden” became a significant hit for The Tremeloes, reaching high positions on the charts in the UK and other countries. The song’s success helped solidify The Tremeloes’ place in the pop and rock scene of the 1960s.

Legacy: The song is remembered as one of The Tremeloes’ signature hits. While it’s a cover of a song originally recorded by The Four Seasons, The Tremeloes’ version is the more well-known and successful rendition. “Silence Is Golden” remains a classic example of 1960s pop music and is often featured in compilations of that era.

“Silence Is Golden” by The Tremeloes is a timeless pop classic that captures the essence of 1960s music. Its catchy melody, thoughtful lyrics, and The Tremeloes’ polished performance contribute to its enduring popularity in the realm of classic pop and rock.



Oh don’t it hurt deep insideTo see someone do something to herOh don’t it pain to see someone cryHow especially if that someone is her
Silence is goldenBut my eyes still seeSilence is golden, goldenBut my eyes still see
Talking is cheap people follow like sheepEven though there is no where to goHow could she tell he deceived her so wellPity she’ll be the last one to know
Silence is goldenBut my eyes still seeSilence is golden, goldenBut my eyes still see
How many times will she fall for his linesShould I tell her or should I be coolAnd if I tried I know she’d say I liedMind your business don’t hurt her you fool
Silence is goldenBut my eyes still seeSilence is golden, goldenBut my eyes still seeBut my eyes still seeBut my eyes still see

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