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“Trying to Get to You” is a classic rock and roll song performed by Elvis Presley. Here are some details about the song:

Title: Trying to Get to You

Artist: Elvis Presley

Release Date: 1955 (studio recording), 1968 (live recording)

Album: Elvis Presley (1956), Elvis (NBC TV Special) (1968)

Label: Sun Records (original studio recording), RCA Records (live recording)

Writers: Rose Marie McCoy, Charles Singleton

Genre: Rock and Roll, Blues

Background: “Trying to Get to You” was originally written by Rose Marie McCoy and Charles Singleton. Elvis Presley recorded the studio version at Sun Studio in Memphis in 1955. The song was initially released as the B-side to “Blue Suede Shoes.” Elvis later performed a live version for his ’68 Comeback Special, and this live recording was included in the album “Elvis (NBC TV Special)” in 1968.

Musical Style: The song is rooted in rock and roll with a blend of blues influences. Elvis’s early recordings, including “Trying to Get to You,” often featured a raw and energetic sound, showcasing the influences of rhythm and blues on his music.

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Chart Performance: The studio recording of “Trying to Get to You” did not have a significant impact on the charts. However, the live version released in 1968 as part of the ’68 Comeback Special gained attention and became a notable performance in Elvis’s later career.

Legacy: “Trying to Get to You” is recognized as one of Elvis Presley’s early rock and roll classics. It reflects the energy and enthusiasm of his early recordings and remains a favorite among fans of his early work.

Cultural Impact: The song has been covered by various artists over the years, and Elvis’s renditions, both studio and live, continue to be celebrated. The live version from the ’68 Comeback Special is particularly iconic and remembered as a standout moment in Elvis’s comeback.

Awards: While the song itself did not receive major awards, it is part of the broader collection of Elvis Presley’s influential and groundbreaking recordings.

“Trying to Get to You” is a testament to Elvis Presley’s ability to infuse passion and emotion into his performances. The song captures the spirit of early rock and roll and remains an important part of Elvis’s legacy in the history of popular music.

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“Trying To Get To You”

I’ve been traveling over mountains
Even through the valleys, too
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
Baby, trying to get to you.Ever since I read your letter
Where you said you loved me true
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
baby, trying to get to you

When I read your loving letter
Then my heart began to sing
There were many miles between us,
But they didn’t mean a thing.

I just had to reach you, baby,
In spite of all that I’ve been through.
I kept traveling night and day,
I kept running all the way,
Baby, trying to get to you.

Well if I had to do it over
That’s exactly what I’d do,
I would travel night and day,
And I’d still run all the way,
Baby, trying to get to you.

Well, there’s nothing that could hold me
Or that could keep me away from you
When your loving letter told me
That you really loved me true

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Lord above me knows I love you
It was He who brought me through,
When my way was dark as night,
He would shine His brightest light,
When I was trying to get to you.

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