Umm, Oh Yeah (Dearest) By Buddy Holly

About The Song

I’m sorry for any confusion, but “Umm, Oh Yeah (Dearest)” is not a song by Buddy Holly. The song you’re referring to is likely “Dearest” by Buddy Holly. Here are some details about that song:

Title: Dearest

Artist: Buddy Holly

Release Date: 1958

Album: Not originally released on a studio album

Genre: Rock and Roll


  • “Dearest” is a love song written and recorded by Buddy Holly.
  • The song was recorded at Holly’s New York apartment in December 1957.

Musical Style:

  • “Dearest” is a rock and roll ballad featuring Buddy Holly’s distinctive vocal style.
  • It is known for its simple, heartfelt lyrics and Holly’s expressive singing.


  • While “Dearest” was not initially released as a single, it has gained recognition and appreciation over the years.
  • Buddy Holly’s influence on rock and roll is significant, and his body of work, including “Dearest,” remains influential.

Cultural Impact:

  • Buddy Holly’s music has had a lasting impact on the rock and roll genre, and “Dearest” is part of his legacy.
  • His work has been covered and celebrated by numerous artists in various decades.
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Overall, “Dearest” by Buddy Holly is a classic example of his contributions to the rock and roll genre. The song captures Holly’s ability to convey emotion through his music and remains a beloved piece in his catalog.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

Dearest, though you’re the nearest to my heartPlease don’t ever ummm yeah, ever ever say we’ll partYou scold, and you’re so boldYears together ummm yeah, our love will grow oldUmmm yeah, our love will grow old
You may-ay-ay-ay be a million miles awayPlease believe me ummm yeah, when you hear me sayI love you, I love you
Come ho-o-o-ome, keep me from these sleepless nightsTry my love again ummm yeahI’m gonna treat you right, ummm yeah, I’m gonna treat you right

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